Nobel Biocare Angled Screw Channel Abutment

Product Spotlight: Nobel Biocare Angled Screw Channel (ASC) Abutment

At Nulife Long Island, we know there are numerous products and brand options to consider for implant solutions.  We are proud to offer the Nobel Biocare Angled Screw Channel (ASC) abutment as one of those options.


ASC abutments can be used for both anterior and posterior single or splinted screw retained restorations.


  • Solves the esthetic challenges faced when screw retained solutions are placed in the anterior and improves occlusal access in the posterior.
  • Allows for screw retained restorations when the angle of the implant normally would not allow it. ASC abutment allows the option to place the screw hole access anywhere between 0-25 degrees in any direction.
  • Using the special Omnigrip driver one can achieve 35Ncm torque at almost any angle.
  • The adapter connecting the zirconia abutment to the implant is mechanically retained with the screw seated in the abutment. This means it is 100% cement-free, reducing the risk to the patient while still having highly predictable retention.

Nulife is your dental laboratory partner! Our expert lab technicians are available to discuss the Nobel Biocare Angled Screw Channel abutment or any of our other products.  Please contact us at 516.489.5200 or email