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NuLife Long Island provides high-quality implant prosthetics and dental cosmetics with service you can count on. From accurate and expedited case delivery to thorough packaging, our attention to detail is unsurpassed. We invite you to experience the difference with NuLife’s exceptional service.

Our services include:
• Rush Cases
• Same Day Repair Services/Locally
• Overnight delivery anywhere in the country
• Personalized local pick up and delivery
• Case Consultation
• Custom shades taken by appointment
• Custom staining by appointment
• Emergency technical support available after hours simply by using our paging system

Nulife Veneers

Veneers are hand layered by our team of ceramists creating an indistinguishable match

Available Materials: All-ceramic (e.max, Authentic, Empress) PF. PF Zirconia.  Pressed Anterior and Posterior, Minimal Prep.

NL – Hybrid Denture

Hybrid dentures are proven replacements for removable prosthesis worn by endentulous patients.  Using precise CAD/CAM technology for milling the implant bar, acrylic teeth are processed to a custom bar and attached via abutment screws.

full arch
Metal Free
e.max, Stain & Glaze
e.max, Micro Layered
e.max, Layered
Porcelain Fused to Zirconia, Layered
Nu-ZR, Stain & Glaze
Nu-ZR, Micro Layered
All Porcelain
Porcelain Fused To Metal    Price Plus Alloy
Crown & Pontic
Inlay or Onlay
Case Planning Tools
Patient Diagnostic Wax-up

All NL-IS Combinations Include:

  • Soft Tissue Model
  • Custom Milled Abutment
  • Final Abutment Screw
  • Final Restoration of Choice
NL-IS Titanium Abutment
With Restoration, Layered
With Restoration, Stain & Glaze
NL-IS Zirconia Abutment
With Restoration, Layered
With Restoration, Stain & Glaze
NL-IS Encode Abutment
With Restoration, Layered
With Restoration, Stain & Glaze
Full Dentures
Includes Model, Triad Customer Tray, Bite, Set-up, and Finish.
Signature, Ivobase Processing, Premium Characterization
Premium, Luciton 199
Basic, Heat Cured with Stock Teeth
Flexible Partials
Includes MOde, Set-up, and Finish.  Teeth at Market Price.
Nu-Aesthetic Partial
Valplast Complete
Premium Cosmetic Acrylic, 1-6 Teeth
Premium Cosmetic Acrylic, 7 or More Teeth
Valplast Flipper
Cast Partials
Signature Premium Characterization
Nesbit (1-3 teeth)
Relines and Repairs
Basic Repair
Welding Loop Retention
Nu-Comfort Bite Split
Night Guard, Hard
Night Guard, Soft