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Laboratory Schedule

Please note that the schedule listed includes the number of days the case will be in the laboratory. Shipping days should be added on when determining when the case will get back to your office. In addition, the day the case is received in the laboratory is not included in the case if recieved after noon. Cases with an incomplete RX form and missing required information could be delayed (i.e. shade, photos, bite, models).


Fixed Restorations
Crown, Bridge, Veneers, PFM’s
Days in Lab
E-max Full Contour7
E-max Stacked7
PFM Stacked9
Zirconia Stacked7
Veneers / Laminates7
Nu-Zr Full Contour
Screw Retained or Cement Retained
Days in Lab
Intraoral Scan5
Impression Base9
Metal Try-in6
Porcelain Finish5
Implant Metal Try-in8
Implant Restorations
Screw Retained or Implant Retained
Days in Lab
Surgical Guides5


RemovablesDays in Lab
Partial Frame Work (Bite)9
Partial Frame Work (Set up)10
Full Denture (Set up)5
Partial Set up (frame already made)4
Partial Finish (frame already made)5
Full Denture Finish5
Flexit Nesbit5
Trays and Bites3
Reline and RepairsDrop off 10am / Pick up 5pm
Repair – Valplast1
Valplast Set-Up4
Valplast Finish5
Essex Appliance 1-2 teeth3
Essex Appliance 3+ teeth4
Acrylic Partial5
Flexible Partial4
Surgical Guides5
DiagnosticsDays in Lab
Wax – Up5
Surgical Guides5

Rush Options Available at Additional Costs Per Unit. Must pre-schedule case in advance

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