Turnaround Times & Laboratory Schedule

Please note that the schedule listed includes the number of days the case will be in the laboratory. Shipping days should be added on when determining when the case will get back to your office. In addition, the day the case is received in the laboratory is not included in the case if received afternoon. Cases with an incomplete RX form and missing required information could be delayed (i.e. shade, photos, bite, models).

Call 561.489.5200 for rush cases.

TURNAROUND TIMES (In-Lab Business Days, Excluding Shipping Times)

Type of Restoration Days in Lab
Fixed Restoration 5
Implants ** 9+
Removables Prosthetic 7
Multiple units (5+), combination cases and full mouth restorations require more time. Contact lab for more details.
Cases must be received by 10:30am Eastern Time
** Additional time might be required to order parts.
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Great lab and team! I am only as good as my lab and you guys make me look great every day of the week. Nulife Long Island has been my lab for over 20 years. I have used them for cosmetics, implants, dentures, occlusal and single crowns. I would highly recommend them.
DMD Chairman, Prosthodontics Dept., LSU School of Dentistry, NO
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NuLife Long Island Laboratory has provided true value to the dental profession not only through their very high expertise and total commitment to high quality esthetics but also through life long learning and their leadership in providing numerous valuable CE opportu...