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A New Solution-Vollara Air & Surface Pro

We saw that our customers were finding it harder to get their patients to schedule and keep appointments because of their patients’ fear of catching the virus from someone in the dentists’ offices, so we set out to find a solution.

NuLife Long Island is now offering another way to improve patients’ confidence in the safety of your offices, the Vollara Air & Surface Pro. This product and all other ActivePure products use the same ActivePure Technology as the Aerus* Medical Guardian with ActivePure Technology, which was cleared as a Class II Medical Device by the FDA, and the Hydroxyl Blaster, also an Aerus product, showed a kill rate of 99.98% of surface SARS-CoV-2 virus after 7 hours. The Vollara Air & Surface Pro has been submitted to the FDA for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for use in killing SARS-CoV-2, but this has not yet been approved.

* Vollara is a subsidiary of Aerus, the global leader in air and surface purification solutions.  See scientific background information here.

To learn more about the Vollara Air & Surface Pro click here

Air and Surface Pro Presentation on Vimeo