Helpful tips from the Nulife long Island Dental Laboratory

Closed tray impression tips for better results with your Screw Retained Restorations

For the month of January 2022, Nulife Long Island is offering Single Unit Full Contour Zirconia Crowns with Titanium Base for Screw Retained Restorations for just $299*.

Here are the steps and tips to get the best results from the lab using a closed tray impression technique for your patient’s full contour crown with ti base:

  1. Before seeing the patient, ensure all the necessary parts are on hand (such as impression posts and screwdrivers). Tip: Be careful; the healing cap or cover screw can require a different screwdriver from the impression post or abutment.
  2. Remove the healing cap from the patient’s mouth and store it within easy reach. If you are dealing with multiple implants, lay the healing caps in order so they will not be mixed up. Tip: Remove only one healing cap at a time and place the impression post before taking the next healing cap off. This will help prevent the collapse of the soft tissue.
  3. Place the corresponding impression posts onto the implant by rotating the anti-rotation device (a hex, octagon, or three notches) in position until you feel the drop or lock of the impression post. Only hand-tighten the screw
  4. Take an x-ray horizontal to the platform of the implant to verify that there is no gap between the two components. If a gap or misfit between the two parts can be seen, seat the impression post one more time. Tip: It is possible that debris, plaque, or overgrown bone is on the implant platform. Also, the flare of the impression post could be in contact with the surrounding bone. In this case, debris, plaque, or bone should be removed or recontoured.
  5. Take a full-arch impression with a conventional fixed restoration heavy- and medium-body impression material. The full-arch impression is necessary for the laboratory to reproduce all detectable jaw functions of the patient. Tip: Make sure to apply the medium body around the impression post and then place the loaded impression tray as would be done on a crown and bridge impression.
  6. Remove the tray after the impression material has fully set. The impression post will stay on the implant. Check for any air pockets or voids surrounding the impression post area.
  7. Carefully unscrew the impression posts from the implant and immediately place the corresponding healing cap on the implant to prevent the collapse of the soft tissues. Tip: When dealing with more than one implant, each impression post must be packed separately with the corresponding tooth number.

IMPORTANT: Please send the following items to the laboratory: impression, impression post, an x-ray of the impression posts in position, opposing model, bite, and all necessary instructions. Also, be sure to include the implant’s type, size, and manufacturer.

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