elective dentistry

How to get your team onboard with elective dentistry?

First, if you want your team to do anything you need to be a leader. You are the “C” executive of your business so you need to run it with professional leadership. A good start is to understand the key elements of “emotional Intelligence”.  This means you control your own emotions, you communicate with transparency which translates to leading others with optimism, confidence and inspiration.

In the dental office, a great time to show leadership is in the office meeting. If you choose to take the advice from Steve Jobs at Apple (why wouldn’t you?) weekly office meetings is the time and place to talk about everything going on in the practice. In these settings, tremendous teamwork from the top filters down. Teamwork is dependent upon others doing their part and trusting that they will come through. And doing it well. And bringing it all together in a product. In our context, the product is elective dentistry.

In a AACD Survey the results were: 99.7% of Americans believe that an attractive smile is an important asset. 74% of adults feel that an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances for career success. Only 50% are satisfied with their own smile.

Therefore, there is an inherent patient demand for cosmetics in every practice. You just need to communicate your services to your patients and your staff will see that you are committed to this significant area of your practice. How to do that?

Your waiting room should “shout out” We do Cosmetic Dentistry!” by utilizing a “Look Book” and Counter cards. Include a Cosmetic Dentistry Questionnaire with all your new patients and your recall patient’s documents. Include a digital smile gallery in your presentation.