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Reopening: How Others are Doing it

As dental offices across the country start to reopen after closing their doors for weeks, you may be wondering what needs to happen before you can open the doors to your own practice. We have found a few examples of dentists that seem to be doing it right.

Special Masks and Disposable Gowns

Dr. Terri Tiersky, a dentist and president of the Chicago Dental Society, has decided to take extra precautions by having staff wear different masks and face shields for many of their procedures. They will also be wearing gowns that will be disposed of or sterilized after use.

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Communication and a Focus On Young Patients

Dr. Matthew Allen, owner of Godley Station Dental, has decided to put a particular stress on communication with his patients, stating “We don’t know your level of apprehension is unless you let us know.” Dr. Allen also states the importance of keeping children’s appointments and helping them to start their healthy habits early.

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Health Assessment Prior to Appointments

Dr. Michael Riccobene, of Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry says patients will receive an email prior to their appointment asking about their health to make sure it’s safe for them to set foot in the office. Patients will also be asked to limit the number of people accompany them to their appointments. Dr. Riccobene has mandated that all patients and staff have their temperature taken prior to entering the office for their appointment. Additionally, patients are asked to wait in their cars until they receive a text that lets them know when it’s time for their appointment.

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Extra Safety Protocols & CASPR

When in doubt, why not just do it all? That’s the approach Dr. Travis Spillman and his team at Dental Center of Lakewood are doing. In addition to normal N95 masks, the Lakewood staff will wear face shields and washable and disposable gowns between each patient. Both patients and staff will be subject to health screenings. From patients to staff, the number of people in the office is limited. Spillman also bought a pathogen-reduction air filter called CASPR, which utilizes ultraviolet light to kill viruses, bacteria and molds.

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There are many approaches to take into consideration but by far the best thing you can do to prepare is check your local dental association’s guidelines.

As always, NuLife Long Island is here if you have any questions or need support during these difficult times!